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Using our experience in building client-server applications, after analyzing the various development tools, we have chosen the integrated Visual Studio.Net – a last generation technology showing our option for modern solutions to create strong and, at the same time, open applications which allow integration in other systems or applications. We aim at becoming a strategic partner in complex application integration, in creating a dynamic look for the visual representation of financial and industrial processes. We are able to integrate last generation technologies, to design Information portals.

Why Mobius Solutions? Mobius Solutions has developed accurate and efficient methods for fast design, development and implementation of modern technology solutions. These include:

· Creation of a prototype to validate the system design.

· Development in several steps – executed simultaneously (due to the modular structure) and the input of essential components from the early stages, in order to allow the system to receive the first answers from the client about the way the solutions work

· The possibility of the client to work with the Mobius Solutions designers from the beginning to the end of the design process

· Focus on carefully testing of the solutions, in real time, in order to check its time of reply and reliability. The Mobius Solutions methodology is based on our experience in application development. The reliable technology we have used in application developments and the scalable innovative solutions prove that our methodology is accurate.

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